• Arkinetics Integrated Process

    Collaborative decision making.

The Arkinetics Integrated Process (AIP)

The AIP approach provides clients with an experienced team of partners; including contractors, architects, engineers and subcontractors. All team members share the belief that an integrated project delivery system maximizes and leverages the value of each member’s expertise, creating a greater collective resource to help our clients meet their goals, needs, and interests. The team of partners is formed in the early planning stages of the project to facilitate a seamless project delivery.

The benefits of an Integrated Process:

  • Leadership is flexible and shifts to team member most capable of addressing specific tasks.
  • Clearly defined responsibilities promote open communication and idea exchange.
  • Promotes proactive involvement of the key participants.
  • Early involvement of all parties.
  • Reduced waste and optimized efficiency.
  • Reduced modifications during construction.
  • Collaborative decisions are made on “best for client” or “best for project” basis.
  • The construction budget is identified early in the process and considered throughout the design and construction.