Our architectural design increases output, improves delivery and quality, lowers costs, and reduces scrap and rework for industrial clients in manufacturing, assembly, warehousing and distribution facilities. And they look great, too!


We have been working with industrial partners since 1988 and love every aspect of the work. First and foremost, we get to do great work with great people. In the manufacturing industry, it’s not entirely about the projects, it’s about the people. The people – facility managers, owners, and employees –  are proud of their facilities and the product they provide. The facilities are functional and efficient; attractive, but not opulent.


When we design for manufacturers, we ask questions, a lot, so we can really understand the production process. We develop an understanding of the logistics, FIFO (first in, first out), how things get put away, and how they’re stored.  In essence, every project we work on is mutually beneficial, the client gets quality, efficient design, while we get to learn about your process: how a widget is made, distributed, and stored.


We offer a different scope: we do the right thing for the client. We help them by spending more time with them and helping them make the right decisions. As a result, we are consistently involved in projects where we are at the table with clients talking about much broader business issues and goals than just getting a building up and running.


In the end, our biggest success is seeing our clients succeed. We are told over and over, there’s something different about working with us. We can’t put it into words, but it’s in the unsolicited “atta boy” from the client.


Key industries in Industrial and Manufacturing

  • Mission Critical
  • Automotive
  • Food Processing
  • Headquarters and Professional Services
  • Metal Production and Fabrication
  • Polymers and Materials


Members of

  • WIRE-Net
  • Medina County Economic Development Corporation